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Texas 2 is an independent second division league founded by six leading clubs in Texas.
Inspired by MLS Next, Texas 2 will provide its clubs and players the best player development experience, the highest levels of competition offered in Texas, and an easy travel schedule all within the state of Texas.
The six founding clubs are:
  • AC River
  • Capital City Soccer Club
  • Dallas Hornets
  • GFI Academy
  • Houston Rangers
  • IDEA Toros
The Texas 2 inaugural season will kick off in fall 2024. Additionally, high school aged players will have the opportunity to engage in high school soccer, further enriching their developmental journey. Leadership from the founding members will form the technical committee, which will oversee all technical aspects of Texas 2. 
For clubs eager to join the Texas 2 movement, the pathway awaits. Simply fill out the form available here
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